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Nitro RX joined the fray in 2018 and immediately made waves. Rallycross was ripe for the Nitro treatment, and the result was nothing short of game-changing, with a custom built track that featured the biggest man-made jump in rallycross history.

The event draws top drivers, including Tanner Foust, Scott Speed, Ken Block, Timmy Hansen, Mattias Ekstrom, and Travis Pastrana. In 2018, Hansen, Ekstrom, and Foust stood atop the first-ever NRX podium. In 2019, brothers Kevin and Timmy Hansen finished first and third, and Patrik Sandell earned second.

Future NRX events will surely build upon the progression and excitement of the first year, so make sure you keep an eye on Nitro RX.

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Supercar Lites is the official car of the Next category in Nitrocross. All information regarding technical regulations, Bulletins and User manual can be found on the official SupercarLites homepage,

The Car | SuperCarLites.

The car has since its inaugural season in 2013, both in North America and Europe been the feeder series for talented drivers on their way to success before graduating to Supercar and more recently the Group E category which is from 2022 the top tier category in Nitrocross. FirstCorner is the official parts supplier of the car in North America and is located in Salisbury, NC.

For more information about the car please contact info@firstcorner.com.

For 30 years, ROC has provided drivers and global audiences a singular, winner-takes-all format that gives competitors from every discipline of racing the opportunity to test their talents against competitors they would never typically encounter. ROC racing is famously close and the pace of the sudden-death heats a favorite for live and broadcast audiences. Over the years, the event has been hosted by venues including Beijing's Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium; Paris’ Stade de France; and London’s iconic Wembley and Olympic Stadiums.

"ROC is about equalizing the course and the equipment so that driving talent alone can determine the outcome," said ROC President, Fredrik Johnsson. "The cars play a big part in the unique challenge we create and we are very excited that Race Of Champions will be the first competition where drivers will get a chance to race in the phenomenal FC1-X.”

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